“I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda on the Housing & Residential Life team during her undergraduate experience at Wentworth. Amanda is an incredibly driven, thoughtful, responsible, and caring leader. I am most impressed by her dedication to her team – she consistently offers support and mentorship to teammates. Amanda has a strong work-ethic and exhibits excellent customer orientation in supporting students in her residential community. Her caring approach and drive to improve processes and initiatives has left a remarkably positive impact on our department and institution.”

Matt Heiser
Associate Director Office of Housing & Residential Life
Wentworth Institute of Technology

Amanda is thoughtful, collaborative and passionate.  She clearly articulates her points and demonstrates a maturity that comes from her strong upbringing.  She would be an asset to any organization that needs a hard-working, bright motivated leader to join their team.  While serving on the Women at Wentworth committee, Amanda expressed her concerns about the challenges young women in STEAM face in the classroom and the workforce based on her direct experience. Her ideas helped shape what would have been a wonderful event had COVID-19 not stepped in and caused it to be cancelled. I also had the chance to listen to Amanda give a speech to a room full of Wentworth’s corporate partners, mostly men. She was poised, articulate and there were many nods and smiles among the group as she shared the impact having the chance to go to college has meant for her.”

Linda Werman
Director of University Events
Wentworth Institute of Technology

“I had the pleasure of working with Amanda during her time as a technical intern at Simpson Gumpertz and Heger (SGH). From the beginning, Amanda was driven and ambitious, ready to dive into different projects and help where it was needed. She assisted in the Applied Science and Research Center with a variety of projects and analysis of different materials such as metals, fiber reinforced polymers, plastics, roofing and waterproofing, epoxy, etc. She also helped set up different laboratory equipment and install measurement instruments. Amanda handled the fast paced and always changing work day well, and she was always eager to learn and indulge in something new. She was confident in her abilities and determined to reach her goals. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.”

Nasjela Thodhoraqi
Associate Project Consultant
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

“In my role as Associate Director of Student Engagement at Wentworth Institute of technology, I have been fortunate to work with Amanda and see the lasting impact that she has had on the Wentworth community. As an Orientation Leader, Amanda not only helped new students find their place on campus, she served as a model for other leaders, constantly approaching her work with compassion and professionalism. Regardless of the task, I knew I could count on Amanda to follow through and represent Wentworth well. Outside of the many leadership roles that she held on campus, Amanda was driven and passionate about her research. I look forward to seeing all that she will go on to accomplish in graduate school and beyond.”

Brian Quigley
Associate Director Center for Student Engagement
Wentworth Institute of Technology

“Amanda worked as a dedicated leader and teammate on the Student Wellness Education and Empowerment Team at Wentworth. She was able to bring creativity and passion into all her projects and would consistently go above and beyond expectations. Amanda’s eagerness to take action and to be a guiding force for change is something to be admired. I am sure she will show the same amount of enthusiasm and dedication into all her future endeavors.”

Amber Goulart, M.S., NCC
Assistant Director of Health Promotion & Education
Wentworth Institute of Technology