About Me

I'm a third-year Ph.D. student pursuing a degree in Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Maryland. Propelling the engineering field forwards through sustainable waste recovery initiatives has become my motivation as a scientist, and is the fundamental reason I am pursuing a Ph.D.

Civil Engineer

I'm a certified Civil Engineer-in-Training with a B.S. from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Italian American

I'm a first-generation Italian American that spent Summer 2018 studying abroad in Rome.

Campus Leader

I'm the president of the Engineering Graduate Student Society & serve as a graduate student government rep.

Research Projects

I work at the intersection of materials manufacturing, energy-efficient buildings, heat transfer, and waste management! Check out my some of my latest research projects below!

Sustainable Building Insulation


The development of low-cost wood waste-based vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) for energy-efficient buildings

Sustainable Food Choices


The exploration of factors that influence food choices for UMD undergraduate on-campus diners

Corrosion of MBTA Station

Dec. 2021

The case study analysis of the corrosion causes and prevention methods for the Alewife MBTA Parking Garage

Updating Recycling Legislation

Mar. 2022

The updating of the Maryland Recycling Act "recyclable materials" language to incorporate "wood waste" terminology

Extreme Environment Materials

Aug. 2021

The characterization of iron oxides in high-pressure and high-temperature sub-surface environments

Economics of Building Materials

Feb. 2022

The economic case study of building materials at the food-energy-water (FEW) nexus

Lithium Ion Extraction

Sep. 2021

The recycling of coal ash through the extraction of lithium ions via polyelectrolyte membranes

HVAC Ductoad Snaptics

Jul. 2021

The performance of plastic snap-in-place flexible HVAC duct connectors through UL and ASTM standard tests

Polypropylene for 3D Printing

May 2021

The recovery of waste polypropylene from single-use face masks for a sustainable extrudable paste in additive manufacturing

Cutting Out Cobalt

Dec. 2020

The exploration of alternative materials for cobalt in modern rechargeable lithium ion batteries


Check out what my former bosses, collaborators, and co-workers had to say!
Matt Heiser

Matt Heiser

Associate Director of Housing & Res Life

"Amanda is an incredibly driven, thoughtful, responsible, and caring leader. I am most impressed by her dedication to her team - she consistently offers support and mentorship to teammates."

Linda Werman

Linda Werman

Director of University Events

"Amanda is thoughtful, collaborative and passionate. She clearly articulates her points and demonstrates maturity. She would be an asset to any organization that needs a hard-working, bright, motivated leader to join their team."

Nasjela Thodhoraqi

Nasjela Thodhoraqi

Project Consultant

"I had the pleasure of working with Amanda during her time as a technical intern at Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger. Amanda was driven and ambitious, and ready to dive into different projects to help when needed."

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